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Make an investment in young futures!

Today, you can help make their college ambitions possible.

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Helping to make college dreams possible!

There are expenses. Lots of expenses! What, with application fees, test fees, SAT and ACT preparation courses. If Romona* applies to five schools, she's looking at $500 to $700.

Tack on college visits, one-on-one college advising, college review books, room and tuition deposits – and your front-end investment might approach $5,000 or more – and that's all before she's even attended her first college class, let alone arrived on campus.

She knows the investment will pay off, but there's no one to help her figure out how. No one in her family went to college. Her school lacks a college counselor. And, even if there were, there's no money for the application costs, let alone college itself.

Every day, the Philadelphia Education Fund and its Philadelphia Scholars Program make college dreams possible for thousands of students, like Romona. Won't you help?